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Brock Heasley, creator of The SuperFogeys


Mikey, creator of Life Sucks


The Gentlemen Scholars, creators of Frederick The Great


Kirstan Norris, creator of NSTA: Semper Vigilantis


Quinn Gillespie, creator of Geek Blather


Carrie Burton (Miss Lonewolf), creator of Damn Beavers


Winston Rowntree, creator of SUBNORMALITY


Mike Thomas, creator of Chris & Smith




Den Tracy from over at comicspace


David Wolfe (Denny Colt), creator of Paranoia High


Author Ninja, creator of Mob Ties


Tonna, check out her deviant art page


Corey Messer (Tired Orange Cat), creator of The Unstuffed


Sloan from over at comicspace


DD over at Double D Comics


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