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02/27/07 - Sometimes it's funny to look back at where and when you get an idea for a strip. Case in point, this week's strip: I wrote this on a Dunkin Donuts napkin in my wife's car, while in the break-down lane on Route 2 near Devens, while on my way to a Comic Book Can in Chelmsford Mass, 9:30 Sunday morning. You're just flying along at 80 miles and hour with giant fucking gorilla and robot props, and you get an idea for a strip, so you cut across 2 lanes and make an ill advised rapid de-celaration on a quickly disappearing strip of break-down lane. You live with some characters in your head for as long as the Progress Brothers have been mucking up my cerebral cortext, they just "talk" to you and you just write shit down. Well, they don't talk to you, they talk to eachother and you just sort of hear them and transcribe it. And they seem to only talk in short 3-5 panel bursts. Maybe that's why my attention span is even worse now than it was before I started the strip.

On another note, I got 2 firsts this week. First, I got a fan email from a dude in Beijing, China. That was cool as shit. And it dawned on me, that means my shit is actually getting through the state censored internet there ... I could cause an international incident! That would be kick ass. The other thing was my first hate email from a self described "Bible-thumping Christian". He was interestingly polite enough to compliment my artwork and say he was enjoying it over all, yet objected and was offended by it. He also lamented me not enjoying Christianity as he has. I'm not sure he's qualified to make an assesment as to how much I've enjoyed or not enjoyed Christianity, but I did point out that I am a former confirmed Roman Catholic with 10 years of CCD under my belt, so I had what I felt was a decent enough sampling to make an informed opinion on the subject. Regardless, I actually quite enjoyed his email, even if I think he assumed a little too much about me. I never said I hated Christianity, I just don't currently have a use for it. Like that bread maker in my attic. Maybe one day I'll be using it like crazy, but I doubt it.

02/26/07 - Got tomorrow's strip done and it's posted as the incentive pic at Topwebcomics and Webbedcomics until midnight tonight, so if you wanna see it before Tuesday, click those annoying buttons above!

02/20/07 - Well, those archives look like they're up and running. I've got them going back to #150 and I'll be going back even further in the next few days. Thanks again to Vegas Eric for helping me out with that stuff.

I'm shocked this week's gag made it past the ratings board here at the home office of THINKING APE BLUES, INC. The suits are still honked off at that Jonbenet joke I made a few months back. Truth be told, the punchline was much more socially unacceptable than it already is (and now the legal department is telling me to move on).

And I just wanna remind people to vote for me when you stop by the site using those stupid buttons up on the right below the comic. Vote whoring is lame, but for those of you who don't understand those dumb things (and I didn't until just recently myself), they increase my rankings on various "webcomic" ranking sites. The higher my ranking gets, the more exposure I get, the more hits I get, the more potential readers I get. Then I'm happy and make happy good time fun comic for you and we are all happy together.

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