T-SHIRTS - These are the long awaited (ha!) new shirts. My buddies at Shirts And Logos.com make 'em. These aren't your ordinary t-shirts, either, bub. The art is dye sublimated into the fabric (the same way pro sports teams have logos and stuff impregnated directly into their jerseys) for maximum color and sharpness and the best part, no fading. Like, ever. The shirt will disintegrate before the art can fade. The other cool thing is, they are made of the same polyester blend that Under Armor shirts are made of, so they look and feel exactly like cotton but won't shrink ever, no matter how hot you dry them. I swear, I had one for about 3 weeks before I realized it wasn't a cotton t-shirt. So for you slovenly college students and borderline homeless folks, that means you just toss them into any wash and dry at any heat and the shirt looks as crisp as new every time.

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