Selection Of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics About Current Events

Any student in the world at the moment can attest to the fact that from time to time teachers tend to stress the need for the student to be up to speed when it comes to current issues. This is important because it allows you to stay in touch with the world around you. This also makes it really easy for you to interact with other people from time to time, and it makes you empathetic and understanding to the plight of other people.

The beauty of current affairs is that it shows you that you do not just live in a world that is a cocoon. It shows you that there is a whole new world out there, with so many incredible things happening at the same time. Therefore in the event that you need to consider some argumentative essay topics to present when you need to write a paper on current issues but you do not know where to start, you can try and get help form this agency.

That being said, the following are some really good ideas that you can consider when you are in need of help with topic selection:

  • Discuss how the legal system in the developed countries has contributed to an increase in the challenge of juvenile delinquency
  • Explain how rural uplift programs have benefited a lot of countries over the past few years
  • Discuss some of the ethical challenges that are faced by advertisement companies these days, especially in a bid to make sure that their message is shared accordingly to the masses
  • Explain some of the steps that have been taken and milestones achieved towards the eradication of HIV/AIDS
  • With an emphasis on the environment, discuss how the world’s big economies are bringing everyone down, with their contribution towards global pollution
  • Gender rights activists have always been championing for the rights of women. Explain some of the reasons why affirmative action is not the way to go for the emancipation of women to be a reality
  • Discuss how women entrepreneurs are changing the world, by venturing into industries that have for a long time been associated with men only
  • Explain how countries like North Korea and Russia are contributing towards the growing animosity among nations
  • Discuss how poaching in continents like Africa has led to the growth of illegal activities like terrorism