How To Find Thought-Provoking Argumentative Essay Topics For College

You are on a path to write a thought provoking argumentative essay? But this task is proving too difficult to achieve? Make sure to take these steps to ensure that you finish on time and get a top grade from your professor. Reading further you will find great tips and tricks that will get you on the right path to get a good grade and do your assignment in no time. What you need is a good topic to start you on your way, if you finish to read this article you will find where and how you can find such things.

Internet forums

One of the best and fastest ways is internet forums. Internet is full of various forums so make sure to find the ones that have discussions going and have many active members. There you can find a lot of discussions that are going for a long time and have a lot of information and opinions about it. If you are looking for sports issues go to basketball or football forums and search sections about recent games or rules changes in a sport. If you are looking for recent event or issues go to pop culture forums there you are sure to find a lot of people talking and sharing their opinions. That way you will find topics that you find interesting and provoking.


A time proven way to do it is books. There a plenty books witch tackles various topics from social issues or political leaders. You can find this way longer but the quality of the material will be at the top of the range. Also you can choose to read articles or surveys on subjects to get going. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers or friend for good books on topics that they find interesting. Try to pick books of different periods that way you will see how the view changed on the subject over the time and what events changed how we view things.

Other People

Most people find it very interesting to talk to other people and in that way to find out what are the most talked about things in their area or school. Try to talk to your friends and find out what is on their mind and what they find about it interesting.

Here below you will find some topics that you can use to start your work, feel free to read them and use them to your best advantage:

  • Describe recent sports events that happened in your home town.
  • Talk about the damage of smoking to other people.
  • Ask people what they find interesting in recent political events.
  • Talk about history and what events had the biggest impact on your area.
  • Try to find out who was the best boxer in history and why.
  • Describe your favorite TV show and why you like it and others might not.
  • Talk about world news and political changes they might bring.
  • Who was the best basketball player of all time?
  • What is the best team in European football?
  • Talk about the negative effects of online gaming on social life.