Good Selection Of Funny Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Comic literary pieces are everywhere these days and particularly on the World Wide Web. For most people, reading something funny is fulfilling as they would tend to derive happiness from it. However, it should be noted that there are those who are not easy to please even with the funniest of materials ever written, but this is not what this post focuses on. Well, fast forward to the gist of this post and we ask, have you ever written a funny compare and contract essay? If so, did you get it right at the end of the day or everything fell below your expectations?

Comic writing has over the years become an integral part of academic writing and while most students find it a big challenge, it can be learnt over time. Just like it is with the case with other types of essays such as narratives, writing something comical should come down to crafting a really moving topic and focusing your content unto it. If you cannot come up with a topic of your own, you can always go looking for a good comical topic on the web and in comic books. In fact, finding a good topic generally comes down to reading lots of comic books and other literary materials. To this end, what then comes to the fore is good choice of funny compare and contrast essay topics. Compare and contract writing is one of the most common in academia and to get you started with this, we take you how to choose good topics in this post, so read on for details.

  • Write an essay comparing and contrasting your favorite sitcoms on a TV channel you always watch
  • Write an article that compares and contrasts magicians and witch doctors
  • Write an article that compares and contrasts politicians and con men
  • What is the difference between sarcasm and irony? Write an article to explain
  • Write an article that compares and contrast a funny pop song and a classical masterpiece
  • Write an article that compares two funny characters in the book ‘Merchant of Venice.’
  • Pick on a movie of your choice and write how men and women are portrayed in a contrasting manner
  • Choose two commercials and discuss the comic nature in each of them in contrasting and comparison manner.
  • Compare and contrast two standup comedians of your choice