Juvenile Crime

Currently, several changes causing harm in the societies are on the rise. Juvenile crime and violence are notably a current disturbing social issue. The crimes the teens commit are similar to others committed by any other persons of age. At the teen ages, these children may have a small idea of what real life or even the world is really like. They, however, cannot see the real and the big picture. The understanding of things, the world, and the living environment is limited. They do not have a lot of knowledge as it is the case with adults. However, while this is the case, the teens convince themselves to have the knowledge and the information about the world. Getting themselves involved in dangerous crimes sometimes does not sound even a little scaring to them. They even dare to get involved with most risky and dangerous behavior. The increase in the set-up of juvenile courts is an indication of the extent of the issue. Information about how harmful the activities teens get involved in needs to be communicated. Apparently, if nothing is done, the future generations will be ruined. Also, currently, we will have too many issues to deal with.

Causes of Juvenile Crime

Currently, the apparent reasons for teen’s involvement in crimes remain hidden and undiscovered. No one can tell. However, a combination of factors can show the reasons for why the crimes are on the increase or rise. First, peer pressure is capable of influencing teens to join groups whose aim is conducting crimes. Secondly, the family members may influence teens into joining crimes and criminal groups. If a family member gets involved in such activities, young girls and boys can copy the behavior and habits. Poverty in the family may also get children involving in criminal activities to provide for their needs that parents cannot afford. Finally, the number of stress children is currently on the rise. This is also a critical issue and contributor to the rising crime rates.

Effects of Juvenile Crime

Effects of the acts are harmful and also devastating. Sadly, several teens have died in criminal activities. Besides, some get arrested and get into juvenile corrections centers and are consequently separated with family members. Another effect is the loss of property and cash for those the children steal from. Many school dropouts have been seen as youths and teens join the criminal and terrorist group. It is critical and paramount that all this is curbed.