Art's importance for children life and economic

The childhood is the human life's period, where we have more imagination. At childhood, we are attracted by everything around us, and want to discover what is in happening around us. This article will show how important the art is for the children's growth and development.

Importance of the art in children's life.

The art is so important in children's life. It helps them to develop their mind. By using the art, children make a representation of their imagination. It is a way of representation of what is in a child's mind. As children are attracted by everything around them, they are also attracted by the art, by the music, by the drawing, by colors… The art broadened children's  thoughts. Children always want to touch every around them. If anybody near of them is working with paint, they want to discover it. That help them to develop their minds and intelligence. This brings children to reflection, questions, understanding, and they discover many things about life. Find out more ...

The art is important for economy.

The is an important field that develops the economy of countries. The art object are sold expensively. The realization of an art object in order to sell them is an important source of money. For those students who have no support and no many, learning art could be an issue to afford their studies and even come out from poverty. By integrating art into the national curriculum, we give the next generation of artists, designers, engineers, creators and cultural leaders the opportunity to develop the imagination and skills that are essential for  our future.

Engagement in the arts helps yo