Health: water-borne diseases or hydro-fecal peril diseases

Health: water-borne diseases or hydro-fecal peril diseases
Table of contents
  1. What are these diseases called?
  2. What are these diseases?
  3.             What are the causes, consequences and means of prevention?
  1.  What are the causes ?
  2.  What are the consequences ?
  1. What are the means of prevention?

Water is a very essential resource for all living things. You know it very well but did you know that, it can be a vector of diseases? What are these diseases called? How to recognize them and how to prevent them? This article provides you with answers to these questions.

What are these diseases called?

Many diseases are transmitted through the consumption of water contaminated with waste or fecal hazard of humans or animals that contain pathogenic microorganisms. These illnesses are called waterborne illnesses.

What are these diseases?

Cholera, hepatitis A and E, dysentery, polio and typhoid fever are some of the most common waterborne illnesses.

            What are the causes, consequences and means of prevention?

 What are the causes ?

Contamination of the distribution system or the drinking water supply can be the basis of these diseases. This system can come in contact with urine, fecal hazard of humans or animals. This water which will be taken later by humans is the basis of these water-borne diseases. Contamination of surface water by runoff from wastewater, industrial or residential water can also be at the root of these diseases.

 What are the consequences ?

These diseases in a few hours can kill, if you don't cure them. They can cause physical weakening in a child and make the child more vulnerable to other diseases and malnutrition. The frequent presence of these diseases can lead to dropping out of classes or death. This can increase the difficulties or the family responsibilities by the death of one of the parents. They can also cause stigma and penalize the normal development of the child.

What are the means of prevention?

To prevent these diseases, good hygiene behavior, the use of disinfectants to obtain clean water are methods to be recommended. Monitoring and maintenance of piping materials and water storage and education on hygienic behavior are very important.

From all the above, let us remember that these hydro-fecal peril diseases are very dangerous and can kill quickly. However, awareness and change in hygiene behavior are golden precautions for those who are avoided.


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