Discover what is digital art

Nowadays, every domain of our social life are getting digitalized. The same thing is happening with art. Henceforth, art will also be digital, with numerical photography, graphic design, virtual reality, audiovisual art, robotic art. They are so much fields gathered together in digital art.


 Definition of digital art

Digital art is every kind of art realized with numerical equipments, such as computer, interface, and network. They are so many kinds of art combined into digital art like, virtual art. The first kind of art created by using numerical equipments was visual art, in 1950, by cinema, videos, television… Digital art incorporates existing techniques which are constantly evolving, but which are made up of hardware and software at the core.  During the 1990s, digital art enthusiasts were creating their own software, or hiring computer engineers.  Subsequently, digital creation software appeared on the market, allowed creators of digital art to develop ready-made formulas for interactive sound and video creation.  Currently, real-time processing of sound streams, graphics, and videos is possible, thanks to high-performance digital creation software. Find out more…


 How to create graphics with photoshop.

Photoshop is the must used  software to create digital graphics. Users could handle or create digital images themselves.  There are a lot of tools and effects integrated to the interface of the software, and they are useful to create many figures. First, to use Photoshop, you have to open the software before, and once opened, the next thing to do is to create a project, by choosing a size. Unlock the background in tracing paper palette.  You can create a background using the color you want, but we suggest you to use a transparent  background. When you create the background , you are now free to choose the tool you want to create the kind of image you want. Some tools, like rulers, feather tool are useful to make lines. It is also possible to insert some images, by clicking on files and moving to where the image is on your computer. You can also modify the picture you inserted by using  some tools proposed by Photoshop.